Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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    Do You Need To Use A Skin Toner?

Rhonda Allison Fruit Acid Botanical 4oz $36
        Skin toners (often referred to as astringents) are frequently included as part of a three-step skin care regimen (cleanse, tone and moisturize). The question is, do you really need a toner? Let's take a look at the ingredients used in toners to understand what they really do for your skin.

What does a toner do?
Toners usually claim one of two things - they can remove excess oil and dirt that your cleanser left behind or refresh and moisturize skin.   Historically, toners use alcohol and/or witch hazel which can make your skin feel tight, firm and refreshed. However, more recent versions of toners have moved away from this approach due to the drying effects of alcohol. These toners are alcohol free and often use glycerin and panthenol (vitamins) to give skin the same kind of refreshed feeling while being more soothing to skin.

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              Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Lotion 4oz
  Green Tea/Beta Lotion is the ideal all-purpose skin toner to balance oil, provide antioxidant support, and offer purifying benefits for the skin. Normal to oily, acne prone skin. Toning, Therapeutic Lotion To Enhance Skin Clarity. skincareprostore.com

Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Rinse 4oz  $36
Dermalogica Multi Active Toner 8.4oz. $32
Spritz on critical hydration with this refreshing blend of skin-repairing aloe, moisture-binding Sodium PCA plus soothing lavender, balm mint and arnica. Use it after cleansing and any time throughout the day. 
Antioxidant, humectant, & nourishing. Pumpkin Rinse is designed to freshen and tone skin after cleansing as well as provide a balance of moisture that hydrates and plumps skin tissue. Due to the naturally occurring nutrients in pumpkin, the rinse will bathe skin with valuable antioxidant and regenerating support. Pumpkin Rinse is a valuable second phase cleansing for ultra sensitive to normal, combination skin types. It aids in maintaining proper skin pH. Pumpkin Wine _ Distilled and processed from pure pumpkin extract _ high in Vitamin A, Zinc, Beta-Carotene, & Salicylic Acid (antioxidant). www.skincareprostore.com

Rhonda Allison Rasberry Lotion 4oz $36
Anti bacterial, sebum reducer, and anti-inflammatory. Raspberry Lotion is an all natural liquid lotion that freshens and smoothes the skin while balancing oil production. A skin that has oily, acne tendencies will respond best to this solution. Raspberry Lotion helps to control the shiny appearance of the skin due to excess lipids 
$26 & Free Shipping PCA SKIN smoothing toner pHaze 2 (7oz) Smoothing Toner is an AHA solution formulated to help refine pores and remove dead skin cells. Formulated with lactic and citric acid to promote clarity and smoothness, and aloe to calm and soothe. Ideal for use after cleansing to remove traces of dirt, oil and makeup, and before moisturizing to prepare the skin for treatment. Recommended for normal to oily skin.

Rhonda Allison Purifying Lotion 4oz  $36 
This refreshing, soothing lotion can be applied to the skin daily and is especially suited to people who live in heavily congested metropolitan areas. Purifying Lotion is the answer to antioxidant systems found in the skin. It may also be used to assist in the treatment of lupus, multiform erythema, psoriasis, photo allergic and photo toxic reaction and atopic dermatitis.

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